Budget Home

This feature is available after applying for WORKS Finance.

You can view the basic settings, budget planning and allocation information, and status statistics of the Budget service at a glance. You can also click the card or information displayed in the content area to directly use the corresponding function.

To use the Budget Home, click ‘Budget Home’ in the left-side menu area of the Budget service.

The Budget Home page is laid out as follows.

Field Description
① Content Tab Select the content to be displayed in the Content Area

  • Dashboard: Displays the budget summary information as a card.
  • Timeline: Displays up to 100 logs recorded within the Budget service for the past month in the order of latest first.
  • Getting Started: Displays the settings necessary for using the Budget service as a card, and displays budget settings, budget item settings, budget type settings, and permission management status.
② Content Area
  • Displays the budget status, log history, and Budget service management items according to the selected content.
  • Click items displayed in card form to go to the related menu.

Getting Started

When you access the Budget service for the first time, the Getting Started page will guide you through how to set budget-related information. Each setting item is displayed as a closed card. Clicking a card once will open the card to show the basic settings. Click it again to go to the related menu.
To use the Budget service more conveniently, follow the order of cards in the Getting Started page and complete the settings for all items.

Field Description
① Set Budget Directs you to the Set Budget menu for managing the basic settings to use the Budget service.
② Set Budget Item Directs you to the Set Budget Item menu for registering budget items.
③ Set Budget Type Directs you to the Set Budget Type menu for setting and managing budget types.
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After completing all the settings in the Getting Started page, the Dashboard page will appear when you access the Budget service. The Dashboard page displays budget-related summary information in card form.

The following cards are displayed in the Dashboard page.

Field Description
① Summary Information
  • Displays the summary information related to budget standards, planning, allocation, and usage.
② Budget Report
  • Displays the data summarizing budget planning, allocation, and usage to date by various forms of standards.


Displays up to 100 usage logs of the Budget service for the past month, sorted by newest first. Click the link for each item to go to the related menu.

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