This feature is available after applying for WORKS Approval.

You can add, edit, or delete organization chart in the Organization. You can also set to reserve reorganization according to the usage status of appointment.

Manage Organization Chart

You can set up and manage the company's organization chart in a tree shape.

The Manage Organization Chart page is laid out as follows.

Area Description
① Content tab Manage Organization Chart: View and manage the current organization chart
Organization Chart by Time: View the organization chart in the past by date. If the company has no departments, the organization chart by time period will not be displayed.

  • ‘V’ mark is displayed to the department head
  • Selecting ‘Include Suborganizations’ will display members belonging to suborganizations
  • Part-timer, and Business Account are not displayed
② Reorganize Reorganize newly (See Reorganize)

  • Displayed when setting the usage status of appointment in ‘Settings > Manage Appointment Usage’ to Use. Click to edit the organization chart. This button is not displayed when setting the usage status of appointment to ‘Not Use’. In this case, you can only view the organization chart.
③ Download Download the current organization chart as an Excel file
④ Preview area It displays the currently set-up organization chart

  • If you hide departments from ‘Admin > Members > Organization’, they are not displayed in the organization chart, and they are not displayed in the employee information card and the organization chart.
  • When the company has no department, the company name is displayed at the top of organization chart
⑤ Organization Details Display the details of the selected department
⑥ Department Email Click each to open Admin and edit

  • Display 'Department Mail' when using the NAVER WORKS Core Standard plan or higher
⑦ Appoint Department Head If there is no department head, ‘Appoint Department Head’ is displayed

  • If you don't use Appointment, click ‘Admin > Members’ to appoint the department head
  • If you use Appointment, click to open Change Department Head pop-up window of Personnel Appointment and to appoint the department head

If there is a department head, click the title of the department head to view the employee's information in the search member pop-up window

The department Email address is automatically created by the department code of each department when creating an organization. By clicking the edit icon, you can open Admin to edit the department email address to a meaningful one such as department name.


You can edit the organization chart. When you specify a reorganization date, the organization chart updates accordingly on the specified date.

You can only view ‘Reorganize and can reorganize the organization by any date you want when the usage status of appointment in the ‘Settings > Manage Appointment Usage’ menu to ‘Use’. Enter today's date in Reorganization Date to reflect it immediately. If the usage status of appointment is set to ‘Not Use’, you can open ‘Admin > Member > Organization’ to edit the organization chart.

The following describes how to reorganize the organization.

  1. Click 'Admin Menu' in the PC web screen, then click 'HR' in the pop-up window.
  2. Click at the top left of the screen.
  3. Click ‘Organization> Manage Organization Chart’ from the menu.
  4. If the ‘Reorganize’ is displayed, click to set the Reorganization Date, and then click ‘Next’.
  5. Apply the reorganized content, and then click ‘Save’.
    • To add an organization, select the upper organization of the organization to be added, and then click . A new organization is added under the selected organization.
    • To delete the organization, select the organization to be deleted, and then click .
      • If you want to delete an organization with members or lower departments, then you must enter the department to be moved.
      • When deleting a department with members, those without hire dates, business accounts, or part-time status will not be moved to another department. Instead, they will be displayed as 'No department'.
    • To change the organization order, change the order through drag-and-drop to change to the desired order. You can also select an organization to change the order, and then click or .
    • To appoint a department head, click ‘Appoint Department Head’. For more details, see Appoint Department Head.
      • The department head is set as the head of the higher level department in the approval line.
  • You can edit the reserved reorganization by clicking ‘Edit’ before the reorganization date or cancel by clicking ‘Cancel’. The reorganization date can't be changed.
    • The ‘Cancel’ is only displayed when there is reserved reorganization.
    • If there are appointments that will be affected by canceling the reserved organizational restructuring, you can cancel the reorganization after canceling those appointments.
    • If the usage status of appointment is set to ‘Not Use’, then you can't cancel it.
  • If the usage status of appointment in ‘Set > Manage Appointment Usage’ to ‘Use’, then the ‘Appoint Department Head’ is not displayed in the Reorganize pop-up window. ‘Appoint Department Head’ is displayed in the Organization Details area.
    • Clicking ‘Appoint Department Head’ will display the Change Department head pop-up window. (See Appoint Department Head)
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