Service Overview

This feature is available after applying for WORKS Approval.

In the HR service, you can reorganize the organizational chart, manage employee information, personnel appointments, and more. You can assign and manage tasks of new employees and retired employees in the checklist, and manage part-time employees and their workplace. You can also freely create certificates or set the issuance status according to the company regulations, and issue members' certificates. You can use the Business Account feature to register external accounts other than regular resources.

To use HR Services, click ‘Admin Menu’ at the top right of the PC Web screen, then click ‘HR’ in the pop-up window.

  • The HR menu is only displayed to users with HR Admin permissions.
  • The displayed menu differs, depending on the basic settings of the HR Admin. Please refer to Settings for more details.

HR Admin Scenario

The use scenario of the HR admin is as follows.

  1. HR service's settings
  2. Set company organization and organization members management
  1. Manage Joined/retired Employee Checklist
  2. Apply for issuing certificates and manage certificates
  3. Manage Personnel Appointment
    • Using Appointment
      • Set Leave Type
      • Job title/Job position/Department head/User type change, Department Movement, Reports To/Concurrent post/Leave/Reinstatement/Retirement/Corporate group concurrent post/Corporate group transfer appointment
      • Guide page for this stage
  4. Manage part-time employees and their workplace, and settle payroll
  5. Manage Business Accounts while using them
    • Add, Edit or Delete Business Account
    • Guide page for this stage
  6. Manage viewing permission by head of department
  7. Import data of retired employees from the past

Please Check FAQs.

Q. Is the Information Settings of HR service required?

  • The displayed menu and the employee information that can be managed may vary based on the admin's settings in the HR service. Set the required menu to Use by referring to Settings, and set organization information and member information according to the company's HR standard for smooth service use.

Q. How can I manage the information of employees who work part-time during every school break?

  • Only one contract can be maintained per part-time employee. Even if it is the same part-time employee, you must delete the information of the part-time employee in the existing contract, and then make a new registration for use. To delete the existing information, delete the account in ‘Admin > Member’.
    • Upon deletion, existing contract information will all be deleted.

Q. What kinds of certificates can I issue?

  • The system basically provides a certificate of employment and a certificate of career in Korean/English. Additional certificates can be added and issued as needed. Please refer to Add Certificate for more information about adding certificates.
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