Service Overview

This feature is available after applying for WORKS Approval.

The Manage Approval sets the automatic approval line of each form based on the Organization Chart for convenient approval processing and changes the approval work procedure as appropriate for the work environment of the company. You can also import existing document forms or compose various approval document forms when necessary.

To use Manage Approval, click 'Admin Menu' at the top right of the PC web screen, then click 'Manage Approval' in the pop-up window.

The Manage Approval menu is only displayed to users with Approval admin permissions.

Approval Admin Scenario

The usage scenario for an approval admin is as follows.

  1. Basic settings for Approval service
    • Set basic approval settings and imports external documents.
    • User Guide pages for this step
  2. Approval Document Box, Form, Manage Approval Document Report, Official Document, Manage Document Permissions
    • Confirms registered approval documents.
    • Add, edit, and delete forms, change settings by form such as approval lines by form, recipients, shared recipients, form permissions, and text formats.
    • Configure the task-specific report page of approval documents.
    • Manage forms for outgoing official documents.
    • Manage invalid approvals and bulk document sharing.
    • User Guide pages for this step

Please Check FAQs.

Q. Can the approval line set by the admin be changed by the document creator or approver during the approval process?

  • If the user with permissions allows arbitrary decision, approval can be completed without following the set approval line. For more details about arbitrary decision permissions, see Manage Approval Line Exception.

Q. Can I manage settings so that employees who are department managers or higher must get their annual leave application approved by the CEO?

  • When creating an annual leave application document, you can set a separate approval line that only applies to employees who are department managers or higher. For more information, see Conditional Approval Line.
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