Service Overview

This feature is available after applying for the Reservation option.

In Manage Reservation, you can register resources and manage the reservation status to easily reserve shared resources of the company.

To use Manage Reservation, click 'Admin Menu' at the top right of the PC web screen, then click 'Manage Reservation' in the pop-up window.

  • To use the Reservation service, set the Reservation service to ‘Use’ in ‘Admin > Security > Service Authority’.
  • Manage Reservation is only displayed to users with Reservation admin permissions.

Reservation Admin Scenario

The usage scenario for a Reservation admin is as follows.

  1. View Resource Reservation Status
  2. Manage Resource
    • Add, view, edit, and delete shared resources of the company
    • Guide pages for this step
  3. Manage Office and Location
  4. Manage Space, Work Device, and Vehicle

Check the FAQs.

Q. Is the Reservation service open to everyone for use?

  • The customer requesting Reservation service can immediately use the Reservation service. You can easily reserve and operate resources without limits on the number of resource registrations and usages.

Q. Can I reserve resources from outside the company?

  • The mobile app provides a feature to reserve resources. In the mobile environment, you can easily make, edit, or cancel reservations for resources anytime, anywhere.

Q. Can I check the reservation information from other services?

  • By integrating an external solution, you can receive reservation notifications in an external messaging solution or register it in the calendar. You can customize notifications using various methods such as Google Chat, Slack, or Google Calendar.
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