Sharing Document

This feature is available after applying for WORKS Approval.

You can share documents with anyone who wants them and give and receive shared opinions, enabling you to communicate smoothly with your co-workers.
You can view the shared documents in ‘Approval Home > Shared Document’.

Sharing Settings

You can set the sharing options (share to all, share to selected) and add sharing targets.

Share to All

When selecting share to all, all users can view the document and create shared comments.

  • When using as the form of a corporate group, you can share it with other group companies.
    • Select the group company you want to share it with. When sharing to all, it is shared to all employees of that group company.

Share to Selected

When selecting share to selected, only selected users can view the document and create shared comments.

  • To share the document only with a specific department or employee, click ‘Share to Selected’
    • You can add by loading from frequently used sharing groups (set in the ‘My Approval Line’) or add it manually.
      • You can load sharing groups only if change of sharing targets is allowed.
        • Click ‘Load My Sharing Group’ in the Share to Selected area to select the sharing group to use.
      • The shared recipient of the selected sharing group is displayed.
        • Click to exclude a specific sharing target of the sharing group from the shared recipients.
  • To manually add a shared recipient, search for the department or employee name, then add them to the shared list.
    • When sharing with a department, if you select ‘Include Suborganizations’, the document is also shared with members of suborganizations of the added department.
      • If you select a department to share the document, the department name is displayed and the document is shared by the unit of departments. For new hires or department transfer, the document is shared if you belong to the department without changing the sharing targets.
      • If you select ‘Enter affiliated members individually’, all members of the department at the current time point are displayed in the sharing target area and you can delete from the sharing targets, if necessary.
      • Click to select a shared department from the organization chart tree.
    • The sharing target of the document can add another member to sharing targets in the View Document page.
  • To not share the document with anyone, click ‘Shared to Selected’ and do not add anyone to Shared Recipient. If you do not enter sharing targets, the document is shared only with the document creator and approver.
  • When using as a corporate group, you can search all employees and departments of the corporate group and add to the sharing targets.

Change Sharing Settings

If the Approval admin has set Change Sharing Targets for each form to ‘Allow’, the document creator and the approver can change the sharing options set by the admin and add or delete sharing targets when selecting share to selected. In this case, the document creator and the approver can change the sharing options and add the sharing targets even after the document is approved.

See the following table for change availability of sharing settings by approver and sharing targets.

Type Change Sharing Options Add or Delete Sharing Target Changeable Steps
Creator O O When creating the document
When the document is approved
Approver O O When approving the document
When the document is approved
Shared recipient X O (Only available to add) When the document is approved
  • The document can't be searched by the person who has been excluded from the sharing target. Shared Comments created by the excluded target are not deleted.
  • If the admin has set to ‘Not allow’ change of sharing targets, the creator, approver, and sharing targets can't change the sharing settings.
  • When a sharing target adds another sharing target, it will be immediately reflected.
  • The sharing time may differ by form according to the admin's settings. The document can be shared at the time of document creation, or after the approval is completed.
  • Once a document is shared, a notification is sent to the sharing target.

Register Shared Comment

An employee receiving the shared document can communicate by creating a shared comment.

The following describes how to register shared comments.

For a form of which the sharing time is set to ‘Continue to share from the document creation’ based on the settings by the Approval admin, you can view and create a comment on a document in progress.
  1. Select a document on which you want to register a comment in the ‘Approval Home > Approval’ or the ‘Shared Document’.
  2. Enter the shared comment in the input area in the shared comments area.
  3. If you have any files to attach, click ‘Attach File’ to attach them.
  4. Click 'OK’.
    • The shared comment is registered and a notification is sent to the document creator and the shared comment creator.
    • To delete your shared comment, click .
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