This feature is available after applying for WORKS Approval.

You can check and complete checklists that have been assigned to you. In the Manage Joining/Retirement, you can check and complete joining/retirement checklists that have been assigned to you.

My Checklists

The ‘Checklist’ menu is displayed only when there are checklists assigned to you. When a checklist is assigned to you, a notification email is sent to the email address registered on the employee information.

The Checklist screen is laid out as follows.


Area Page
① Change viewing method It changes the viewing method of the checklist list.
Include completed checklists Select to display completed checklists in the list.
③ Checklist list It displays the checklist list.
④ Due Date/Status It displays the due dates and status of checklists.

  • Completed: It refers to checklists that have been completed within the due date.
  • In progress: It refers to checklists not yet completed but not past the due date.
  • Pending: It refers to checklists for which priority checklists have been set by the admin. These checklists can be executed after completing the priority checklists.
  • Delayed: It refers to checklists past due date and not executable.
Completed checklists with the user set as the handler

  • If the viewing method is set as : Complete’ is displayed on the corresponding cards.
  • If the viewing method is set as : Checkboxes are displayed in the corresponding list. The ‘Complete’ is displayed when you select the checkboxes.
⑥ Comment The number of comments is displayed if there are comments.
⑦ Priority It displays any priority checklists that exist.

Search Checklist Details

To view the checklist in detail, tap the checklist you want to view in detail from the checklist list.

The Checklist Details screen is laid out as follows.

  • The displayed items may differ according to the checklist settings configured by the admin. (Refer to Add Checklist)

Area Description
① Basic information It displays basic checklist information (checklist name, classification, joining/retiring employee name, handler, due date).

  • Handler: This is the handler of the checklist. Their classification and name are displayed according to the admin's settings, among joining/retiring employee, person in charge of the task, and department head.
  • Due Date: due date for completing the checklist
② Additional information It displays the checklist’s additional information.

  • Link: Tap to open the corresponding link.
  • Personnel Information: It is displayed if admin has enabled ‘My Personnel Information’ link. Tap ‘Go to HR Card’ to edit your information.
  • Pledge: It is displayed if the admin has added a pledge to sign. Tap ‘Go to Pledge’ to view and sign pledge. (Refer to Sign Pledge)
  • Form: It is displayed if the admin has added a form to approve. Tap ‘Go to Create Form’ to check and create form. (Refer to Create Approval Documents)
  • Attachment: Tap the file name to download the file attached by the admin.
  • Priority Checklist: It displays name of the priority checklist if it exists. Complete the priority checklist first, then process the checklist.
Status It displays the checklist status.

  • In Progress: a checklist that is in progress before the due date
  • Completed: a checklist that is completed before the due date
  • Delayed: a checklist that can't be executed as it was not completed before the due date
  • Pending: a checklist whose priority checklist is not completed
  • Request Reminder: It is displayed if the handler is the person in charge of the task, and its status is ‘In Progress’. Tap to send an instruction email to the person in charge of the task.
Process History It is displayed if the checklist is completed or the checklist has been edited by the checklist admin. Tap to assign, edit, request reminder and check completion history of the checklist.
Comment Add any questions or additional notices to be made by the person in charge of the task in the comments.

  • Both the checklist handler and admin can register comments.
  • Notification emails can be sent to the checklist admin, handler, and joining/retiring employees assigned to the checklist, and their comments can be viewed when comment is added.
  • You can only delete your own comments.
  • It is displayed when the handler is the joining/retiring employee and the status is ‘In Progress’.
  • Tap to complete the checklist. (Refer to Complete Checklist)
  • It isn't displayed if the due date has been elapsed (required to contact the checklist admin).

Complete Checklist

The following describes how to complete a checklist.

  1. On the Mobile Home's 'Service Menu', tap 'My Work'.

  2. Tap ‘Checklist’ from the menu.

  3. Tap the checklist you want to complete.

  4. Check the details for the checklist.

    • Go to HR Card: Tap to edit your personnel information.

    • Go to Pledge: Tap to view pledges that require signature.

      • To sign the pledge, tap ‘Sign’
        . '

      • To print the pledge, tap ‘Print’ .

    • Go to Create Form: Tap to see the approval forms to fill out. For more information on creating forms, refer to Create Approval Documents.

    • Tap the name of the attachment to download the attachment.

  5. Tap ‘Complete’.

    • This completes the checklist.

Managing Joining/Retirement

The Manage Joining/Retirement menu is only displayed when you're set as the handler (task manager or department head) of the joining/retirement checklists.

  • For more information related to setting the handler for joining/retirement checklists, please refer to Joining/Retirement Checklist.

  • For more information about checklists, please refer to Checklist.

The Manage Joining/Retirement page is laid out as follows.

Area Description
① Search It searches checklists by status, due date, employee name, handler, and checklist name.
② Checklist list It is the list of checklists for which you're set as the handler, from being the task manager or the department head.

  • If there are multiple joining/retiring employees for a checklist, then the items are displayed for each target.
  • You can complete checklists by tapping the name of a checklist whose status is ‘In Progress’. (Refer to Complete Checklist)
  • You can't process a checklist whose status is ‘Delayed’. You need to inquire the Member admin to request an extension of its due date.
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