This feature is available after applying for WORKS Approval.

You can check the pledges that have been requested and sign them, or view the pledges you've already signed.
The Pledge menu is displayed when the company is using Pledge.

The Pledge page is laid out as follows.

Area Description
① Change viewing method It changes the viewing method of the pledge list.
② Pledge list It displays the list of pledges.
③ Pledge status and days It displays the status of the pledge and the number of remaining/elapsed days.

  • In Progress D-N : It is displayed on the signature start date (the day of delivery for immediate delivery) set by the admin, and it can be signed (signature notifications email sent). N is the number of days left until the signature expiration date
  • In Progress D+N : It is displayed after the signature expiration date set by the administrator, and cannot be signed because the signature period has expired. N is the number of days past the signature expiration date
  • Signature Completed: The signature has been completed within the signature period.
  • Deletion Requested: The admin has requested consent in order to delete the pledge. The following message is displayed on the pledge card: ‘Request to delete a pledge has been received.’ mark (See Agreement to Delete Pledge )

Sign Pledge

  • You can sign pledges that are in the ‘In Progress’ status and whose signature period has not expired. You can't sign pledges with the expired signature period, even if they are in the ‘In Progress’status.

  • You can also sign the pledge by tapping ‘Go to Sign’ in the signature notification email.

  • If a signature is registered in Manage Signature, the signature will be displayed in ‘Personal Signature’ of the pledge form. (See Manage Signature)

The following describes how to sign a pledge.

  1. On the Mobile Home's 'Service Menu', tap 'My Work'.
  2. Tap ‘Pledge’ from the menu
  3. Tap the pledge to sign.
  4. Read the content of the pledge and tap ‘Sign’.
  5. Select ‘I have verified and understood the content of the pledge.’ in the pop-up window and tap ‘Sign’.
    • The pledge is completed, and the pledge completion notification email is sent.

View Signed Pledge

The following describes how to check the content of signed pledges.

  1. On the Mobile Home's 'Service Menu', tap 'My Work'.
  2. Tap ‘Pledge’ from the menu.
  3. Click on the pledge to view the content of.

Agree to Delete Pledge

The following describes how to consent a deletion request.

  1. On the Mobile Home's 'Service Menu', tap 'My Work'.
  2. Tap ‘Pledge’ from the menu.
  3. Tap the pledge whose deletion request you want to consent to.
  4. Tap ‘Agree to Delete’.
    • The pledge is now deleted and will no longer be displayed in the pledge list.
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