My Budget Status

This feature is available after applying for WORKS Approval.

The user can view the available budget that can be used when requesting expense settlement or expenditure resolution and can check the monthly available budget, usage amount, and balance.

The My Budget Status menu is displayed when a company has requested WORKS Finance and has enabled Budget service.

The My Budget Status page is laid out as follows.

Area Description
① Search area Search based on business place, budget usage period, budget, affiliated department, using department, and project code conditions.
② Available budget list Displays the list of budgets for which you're designated as the using department (individual) or of the using department you belong to.

  • Click the affiliated department of the budget to view the affiliated department.
  • Click the using department to view information.
  • Displays the monthly available budget, usage amount, and balance in the budget usage period that is set to the search period.

When using as a corporate group and a concurrent employee is designated as the using department (individual or under the department) of the corporate group's budget, you can view them in the ‘My Budget Status’.

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