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This feature is available after applying for WORKS Approval.

In the mobile app, you can use all the user features provided by PC web. Even in an environment where it is difficult to use a PC, conveniently create approval documents or clock-in/out.

Mobile Services Information

The user features provided on the mobile app are as follows.

  • Mobile Home: view mobile service menu and widgets
  • Approval: create approval documents, view approval documents, view inbox/outbox, view official document
  • Reservation: reserve resources by users, view my reservations
  • My Work: check attendance/expense/budget status, view checklist, sign pledges, manage payroll, check payroll statement (part-time employees only)
  • Sales: view sales plan comparison charts, view/create quotations, view/create order forms, view current inventory, check sales status
  • Personnel Information: view and edit my personnel information, manage signatures and linked Information
  • Set Notifications: set to receive notifications

Use Mobile

The basics for using on mobile are as follows.

Area Description
① Approval From the ‘Service Menu’ area, tap to move to ‘Approval Home’ (See Approval Home)
② My Work From the ‘Service Menu’ area, tap to move to ‘My Work’ (See My Work)
③ Reservation From the ‘Service Menu’ area, tap to move to ‘Reservation Home’ (See Reservation Home)
④ Sales From the ‘Service Menu’ area, tap to move to ‘Mobile Sales’ (See ‘Sales > Mobile Sales’)
⑤ Widget area Display available mobile widgets

View/Edit Personnel Information

You can view or edit your personnel information, signature and linked information.

  1. Tap at the top right of the mobile app.
  2. Tap 'Personal Information' from the menu.
  3. Tap the ‘Personnel Information’ area. Only if you’re using Business Support, the 'Personnel Information' area is displayed and you can manage related personnel information.
  4. View your personnel information in the ‘Personnel Information’ pop-up window. If you want to edit it, tap ‘Edit’ at the bottom to edit it.
    • 'Personnel Information' tab:
      • The items that can be viewed or modified depend on the usage and modification permissions of personnel information set by the HR Admin.
      • Basic information:You can view 'Employment Status', 'Business Unit', 'Reports To'/'Direct Reports' information. (When used in the form of corporate groups) ‘Group Company Transfer Date’ is displayed for transferred employees of the corporate group.
      • Additional information: If you are using the Payroll service, entering your nationality and resident registration number is mandatory. However, if the employee’s nationality is not 'Korean', these inputs are optional.
      • Supplementary Information: Items are displayed if there is supplementary member information set by the HR Admin.
    • ‘Signature management’ tab:
      • You can register and manage your signatures to be displayed on Pledge or Approval documents. You can register signatures by attaching images, drawing them manually, or by creating a stamp. For more information on registering signatures, see Register Signature Image, Draw Signature, and Create Signature Stamp.
        • Once you register a signature, you can display the signature in the ‘Personal Signature' field of pledge forms. For more information, see Sign Pledge.
        • If the signature is registered by the document approver, then you can display the signature of the approver in the Approval Line area of the printed page. For more information, see View Document.
      • Register Signature Image
        • Images with transparent background and 74 x 74 pixels or larger size are recommended for the signature. To register a signature image, tap 'Attach file' and upload the signature image.
      • Draw Signature
        • If you do not have a signature, you can draw one to register. Tap 'Draw Signature', then draw your signature.
      • Create Stamp
        • You can register your signature as a stamp. To create a stamp, tap 'Create Stamp', enter the name you want to engrave on the stamp, then tap 'Create'. You can enter a name between 2 to 6 characters.
        • After selecting the stamp sample, tap 'Save' and the signature will be registered in the selected stamp style.
      • Tab ‘Delete’ to delete the registered signature. Deleted signatures can't be recovered.
    • ‘Integration Information’ tab:
      • The ‘Integration Information’ tab is displayed only when you have integrated external solutions.
        • Enter the linked information for each integrated solution. For more details on entering integrated information for each solution and their authentication methods, see Manage Service Integration.
  5. Edited content is reflected to the employee HR card in the ‘HR > Member > Manage Employees’.

A part-time employee can view business place, workplace and manager information in the ‘Personnel Information’ tab. The 'Linked Information' tab is not displayed for part-time employees.

If your business account has supplementary information added by your HR Admin, the 'Personnel Information' tab will appear, and you can view and edit the supplementary information of your business account.

Set Notifications

You can set whether to receive for Approval, Attendance, Reservation, and Expense services. If you have external solutions (Kakao Talk, LINE, Google Chat, Slack) integrated by the company, then you can set it so that notifications are sent to external messengers.

  • The Attendance notifications can only be configured by employees with set work arrangement when the company uses the Attendance service.
  • The Notification Settings menu is not displayed for part-time employees.
  • Attendance and Expense notifications are not provided for business accounts.

You can turn on notifications as follows.

  1. Tap at the top of the mobile app.
  2. Tap ‘Set Notifications > Notifications by Service’ from the menu.
  3. Tap 'Business Support' on the bottom.
  4. In the pop-up window, set notifications based on notification item and channel.
    • ‘Service Notifications’ and ‘Mail’ channels are provided by default. If there are external solutions that your company has integrated, they will appear on the right.
      • If you are using multiple external solutions, select the external channel you want to receive notifications.
    • If it is displayed as , the notification setting is on, and if it is displayed as , then the notification setting is off.
    • If you select 'All Items', you can add all notification items for that service. Tap to specify notification settings for each detailed item of the selected item.
    • The items that the admin has enabled notifications for are displayed as , and settings for these items can't be changed by the user.
    • When setting the Attendance notifications, please see the following.
      • When you set to use the notification for an item, the time selection field is activated. If the clock-in/out record does not exist by the set time, then a notification is sent at the set time.
      • You can change the on/off notification settings for each notification channel, but the set notification time will be uniform across all channels.
      • You will not receive notifications on days you have requested absences that count towards working hours or holidays and days off according to your work arrangement. If you select 'Consider as having worked during entered hours even if clock-in/out times are missing' in Set Work Arrangement, you will not receive notifications.
    • When setting the Expense notifications, please see the following.
      • Notifications for requested explanations regarding an audit item violation is sent to the expense settlement requestor.
      • Notification for corporate credit card settlement delegation is sent to the user to whom the settlement was delegated.
  5. Tap 'Save'.

Set Board Notification Channel

You can receive Board notifications and set up notification channels. If your company uses an external solution, you can receive notifications through the external messenger.

You can turn on notifications as follows.

  1. Tap at the top of the mobile app.
  2. Tap ‘Set Notifications > Notifications by Service’ from the menu.
  3. Tap 'Board > Email/External Integration Notifications'.
  4. In the pop-up window, select the channel you want to receive notifications from. You must select whether to want to receive 'Mail' by default. If your company has integrated external solutions, select whether to receive for each integrated solution.
  5. Tap 'Save'.

Consent to the Use of Location Information

When you use the mobile clock-in/out feature, you must agree to the collection of location information under the Location Information Act.

The following describes how you can set whether to agree to the collection of location information.

  1. Tap at the top right of the mobile app.
  2. Tap 'Consent to the Use of Location Information' from the menu.
  3. Select 'Agree' and then tap 'Save'.
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