Add members

If you are new to NAVER WORKS or a new member joins, you can add a member as in the following.

  • Administrator adds members directly from the Admin
  • Member registers with the shared NAVER WORKS invitation link

There are two ways for the administrator to add members: 'Add Member' to add each member one by one and 'Add Members in Batch' to add up to 100 members at once.

However, for the Free plan, you can add up to 30 members.

For members to use NAVER WORKS

  • When an administrator adds a member directly from the Admin, the added member must change or create a password.
  • If a member registered directly through the invitation link, the administrator can approve the member's request to register.

Add member

Add members one by one.

Administrators can add members by entering their last name, first name, ID, and password.

After adding a member, send the sign-in information to the added member.

The added member signs in after changing or setting the password based on the information received.

  1. Select 'Member' from the left to expand the menu and press 'Member' to access the page. On mobile, tap the  button to access the menus.
  2. Press 'Add Member' at the top of the screen to access the 'Add Member' window.
  3. After entering or editing the contents of the entry field, press 'Add' to complete adding an individual member.
    On mobile, you can also tap 'Scan business card' at the top and scan the business card to enter information.

The following are the items in the 'Add Member' window and its description.

    • Profile photo: Upload a photo of the member you want to add.
      • The recommended photo size is 640 x 640 pixels, and the file size must be smaller than 10MB.
    • First name and Last name(required): Enter the member's first and last name.
      • You can enter up to 80 characters.
      • The language of the entry field appears as the language you selected from the multi-language section of the Settings.
    • Nickname
      • Nickname appears next to your name in the profile. Recommended for the company that uses nicknames instead of members' real names.
  • ID (required)
    • You can use 2 to 40 characters of English lowercase letters, numbers, dots (.), hyphens (-), and underscores (_). However, the dot (.) cannot be placed consecutively or at the beginning or end of an ID.
    • ID@domain is the main email address for Advanced plan users with access to the Mail service. The main email address is also the 'Message ID' for external messages connections.
    • ID already in use cannot be registered.
  • Team / Position
    • Select an organization where the member belongs.
    • Add an organization by pressing  to access 'Add organization info' and press '+Add Team'.
    • Select an organization and then a position within the organization.
    • If you are the head of the organization, select 'Team leader'.
    • You can select up to 20 organizations. The primary organization has on the left of its name and appears first in the list. Also, it is auto-selected on the organization related entry fields. If you belong to multiple organizations, press  to select the main organization.
  • User type/Job Level
    • Select the correct user type.
    • Select the job level in the company. The value set in the job level setting is displayed.
  • Password (required): Select an option to create passwords. At 'Security > Account Security > Password Management', you can set the difficulty and minimum length requirements for members' passwords for security. 
  • Account activation: Select when to activate an account. A member can immediately use NAVER WORKS when set to 'Activate now'. To set when to activate an account, select 'Schedule' and then enter the date. The member can use NAVER WORKS starting from the set date.
  • Extension: Enter your company phone number.
  • Mobile phone: Enter your mobile phone number.
    • A mobile phone number is needed to confirm identity when a member forgets ID and password.
  • Secondary email: Add an email other than the default email that uses your ID. You cannot send emails with secondary email addresses, and autocomplete in the contacts is not available. You can use 2 to 40 characters of English lowercase letters, numbers, dots (.), hyphens (-), and underscores (_). The dot (.) cannot be placed consecutively or at the beginning or end of an ID.
    • ID already in use cannot be registered.
    • You can upload up to 10.
  • Personal email: When the company email address is not available, emails about creating or changing a password will be sent to your personal email. Free or Standard plan users who have no access to Mail service can enter their personal email addresses as well.
    • A Supreme admin must enter the personal email to edit member information.
    • Enter alphabets in lower case. You must enter lowercase alphabets even when the actual email address has uppercases.
  • Language
    • Set the display language for each of the added members to see when they sign in for the first time. You can select from Korean, Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.
  • Place of work: Enter your workplace.
  • Responsibilities: Enter your roles and responsibilities.
    • Roles and responsibilities are displayed on the profile for a better understanding.
  • Messenger/SNS: Enter the ID of the messenger or SNS to display in the profile.
  • Birthday: Enter the birthday to display in the profile right to the PC web's contacts organizational chart.
  • Date employed: Enter the first day of work to display in the profile of the PC web Contacts organizational chart.
  • Employee number: Enter the employee number. It will be displayed in the profiles of the PC web Contacts organizational chart.
  • Related contact
    • Link the contact information of the relevant person, such as a secretary.
    • It is displayed in the member information.

Add members in bulk

Add up to 100 members at once.

Especially useful for the first time NAVER WORKS user to add a large number of people at once.

PC Web

  1. Select 'Member' from the left to expand the menu and press 'Member' to access the page.
  2. Click 'Add Members in Batch'.
  3. Select an option to create passwords.
  4. Click the 'Download sample' to download the sample file to fill in. Sample files are in .csv and .xlsx formats.
  5. Enter all the required fields in the downloaded sample file and save. Fields not required can be left blank to save. For more information on filling a sample file, refer to the guide on creating/editing a sample file for adding members in bulk.
  6. Click 'Select file(s)' to select the saved file.
  7. Click 'Next' to upload the selected file.
    • After uploading the file, you can see the list of members to add from the preview below. You can also edit member information you want to add on the preview screen.
  8. Click 'Add batch' at the bottom.
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