Edit organization information

Edit the information of the added organization. You can change the organization information such as the organization name, and the settings of the functions available in the Team Message Room.

For the description of each field for organization information, read 'Add organization'.

  1. Select 'Member' from the left to expand the menu and press 'Team' to access the page. On mobile, tap the button to access the menus. 
  2. Select the organization to edit from the organization list and access the 'Organizational profile' window.
    • If you press 'Edit' on the bottom of the 'Organizational profile' window, you can edit the existing information.
    • If you press 'Change organizational head' on the bottom of the 'Member' tab, you can change the team leader. The member must be added to the organization in advance to become the team leader.
  3. Press 'Save' to complete the editing of the organization information.
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