This feature is available after applying for NAVER WORKS Core or WORKS Approval.

Board is where you can write posts and share them with other members of the company.

Only the administrator can create boards. The administrator can create multiple boards for different purposes and group the boards into different categories.

When writing a post, you can choose a board that best suits your post and use the sharing function to share the post with other members.

The comment function is also available to let you communicate freely with other members who might be interested in the post.

Types of board

There are three types of boards as follows. The Board Manager can select the type that best suits the purpose of each board:

  • Board type
  • Preview type
  • Album type

Board type

This type shows the posts list in the basic list format.

Preview type

This type shows posts’ first image, title, and a portion of the content in a preview format.

Album type

This type shows posts’ first image and title in the album format.

Even when you select the preview type or the album type, the board will be displayed in the board type on the mobile app.

Board type by user scope

Only the administrator can create boards, and the following are the types based on the access authority:

  • All (Public)
  • Members

All (Public)

Public boards allow all members to read and write posts. Use the access block settings to block access to the board according to specific members, employment types, and organizations.

Generally, public board is used as company-wide boards that can be viewed by all employees.


You can set writing and reading permissions for each board to have only specific members, employment types, teams, and companies use the board.

Generally, the member board is used as boards only available to specific teams.

The administrator can designate a Board Manager for each board. The Board Managers can manage the members of the board, posts, and comments.

Edit boards

The administrator or the Board Manager of each board can edit the board name and description, select the board type, and manage posts and comments.

Only the administrator can create boards and categories.

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