What is Form?

This feature is available after applying for NAVER WORKS Core.

NAVER WORKS Form allows you and your team to quickly and efficiently collect and share opinions. It can be used in a variety of situations, such as whether to attend an event or surveying satisfaction of the attended education.

Various types of templates

About 10 types of basic templates are provided within Form. For example, there are templates for checking event participation, confirming dinner schedule/menu, and assessing education quality. You can freely edit and utilize the form templates according to various business needs.

What can we do with Form?

# Create Survey
Easily create a survey by using the templates given or create a new one. When creating the survey, you can also set the period, target respondents, and choose whether to disclose the result of the survey to the participants.

# Request customers and clients to participate
Collect opinions not only from your team members but also from your customers and clients who are using LINE with the Form for external use feature. 

# Check the result
The response, as well as the result of the survey, is analyzed automatically in real-time. Specifically, the number of respondents and the response rate are displayed in a graph. You can check the status of responses during the survey. With this, you can send a notification to encourage targeted respondents to participate in the survey if there are little or no respondents.

# Share the survey result
After the survey period has ended, you can share the results with others if needed. You can also operate the survey once again only for those specific target respondents.

# Collaborate on surveys

You can add members from the same company as the survey collaborators to create and manage surveys together and share results.

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