Read emails

This feature is available after applying for the Standard or Standard Plus plan of NAVER WORKS Core.

You can view new emails in the Inbox. If automatic filtering is on and applied to emails received, you can check emails in each corresponding mailbox.

The subjects of unread emails are shown in bold on the list. Press the subject on the list to read the email.

The icons shown in the list have the following meanings:

Icon Description
Unread emails
Emails with attachment
Emails sent to me
The number of emails exchanged in Thread view
Emails marked as important
Emails sent by favorite contacts

You can group and view all emails exchanged with others in any mailbox that selected the Thread view.

You can mark emails as unread after reading them, set up reminders, or report as spam to block the senders.

Sort emails

You can sort your emails by the criteria you want.

PC Web

  1. Click  on the top.
  2. Click 'Mail'.
  3. Click ,   , or on the top right of the email list.
  4. Select how to sort by.
    • Show by Newest: Sorts emails chronologically.
    • Show in Thread View: Groups and sorts emails sent and received with the other party.
    • Show by Sender: Group emails by the sender and sort them chronologically.

Email display settings

You can split the email screen to view the list of emails and the contents at a glance.

PC Web

  1. Click  on the top.
  2. Click 'Mail'.
  3. Click  on the top right of the email list.
  4. Click ‘Email List View’ or ‘Vertical split view’.

Send a message or an event invitation to all

You can select members in From, To, and Cc/Bcc to send them a message or an event invitation.
However, you cannot send messages or event invitations from emails set as 'Confidential'.


  1. Open an email, and tap 'Message All' or 'Invite All'.
  2. Select members to create a message room or attendees for an event.
  3. Tap 'Confirm'.

PC Web

  1. Click  on the top.
  2. Click 'Mail'.
  3. Open an email, and click 'Message' or 'Invite' on top of the screen.
  4. Select members to create a message room or attendees for an event.
  5. Click 'OK' or 'Save'.

Fit email content to the screen

If the content of an email is wider than the width of the mobile screen (e.g., emails with tables or HTML formatting), you can tap the fit-to-screen button to fit the email body to the width of your screen.


  1. Tap  in 'Home'. 
  2. Tap 'Mail Screen'.
  3. Turn 'Fit to screen width' on/off.

Once the 'Fit to screen width' is enabled, the entire content of the email will be adjusted to fit your screen. Then you will see  on the bottom right of the email.

You can tap  (Original Size) ↔  (Fit to Screen) to easily change the screen size. After switching to the original size/fit-to-screen, the last setting will be saved for future use.

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