Member page

Check and Manage the current member information in NAVER WORKS. You can also add the new joiners and delete former employees of the company.

The Member page includes an organizational chart on the left and members list on the right.

Organizational chart section

Organizational structure is available on the left. Select a specific organization to view members who belong to the given organization on the right.

  1. Select 'Member' from the left to expand the menu. On mobile, tap the button to access the menus. 
  2. Press 'Member' to access the page. The left section is for the organizational chart.

On the PC, you can also edit, add, and delete organizations directly from the member menu.

PC Web

Hover over the organization to view icon on the left and icon on the right. Click the icon on the right to view 'Change organization's name', 'Add sub-organization', and 'Delete organization'.

  • Change organization's name: Select an organization name to change into an editable state; then click elsewhere to save the name entered.
  • Add sub-organization: A sub-organization is added to the selected organization. Click another section to save the name of the sub-organization.
  • Delete organization: Delete the selected organization. You can only delete the organizations without members. Note that deleting the parent organization also deletes sub-organization.
  • Move: Select and drag the mouse to change the arrangement.

Member list section

Check the photo, name, organization, position, and status information of members who belong to the selected organization.

  1. Select 'Member' from the left to expand the menu. On mobile, tap the button to access the menus. 
  2. Press 'Member' to access the page. The right section is for the members list.

In Admin, there are 5 types of member status. Management functions for each status can be used directly from the list.

  • Awaiting: The account has been created but not activated and cannot be used to log in.
  • In use: If the service is in use without issues, the reason and period of absence are available in the status during the absence.
  • Pending: The added member has not yet signed in for the first time. To change the status to 'In use', click the link in the invitation or account information email sent when the administrator added a member. Then enter a new password to complete the registration process. Make sure to guide the members to complete the registration as the pending account counts as one active account, same as the in-use status accounts. Services and storage capacity are provided to the pending account as well. The invitation mail and the temporary password will expire after 30 days. In this case, the administrator must use 'Resend Email Invitation' or 'Reset Password'.
  • Suspend temp: The suspension takes away access to all services. The account can be suspended by the administrator for security reasons or a member who enters an incorrect password more than a certain number of times. The number of wrong password input allowed can be set in the Admin 'Security' menu. The administrator must manually change the status to 'In use' by pressing the 'Unsuspend' button to allow the suspended member to use services.
  • Delete: The account has been deleted because of new job placement or resignation. In the Admin, the account is displayed as 'Delete' for 7 days and press the 'Cancel' button to change to 'In use' status.

Press the filter icon at the top of the member list to filter out and view only the members you want according to the above account statuses.

Check the checkbox on the left of a member's name to view the 'Delete' and 'Change Team' at the top. You can bulk delete or change the organization of selected members.

  • Delete Account: The deleted member is automatically signed out and no longer has access to NAVER WORKS. Make sure to back up data before deleting a member. You can restore a deleted member's account for only up to 7 days as all information is deleted afterward.
  • Change Team: Organizational change provides two functions:
    • 'Add' function to add the selected organization as a new concurrent organization while keeping the original affiliation.
    • 'Change' function to omit all of the existing organization except the selected organization.

Member search

Press at the top of the member list to view the member search bar.

Enter the member information for the information in need. Press 'Details' to search with detailed conditions such as account status/name/organization/position/ID.

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