What is Board?

This feature is available after applying for NAVER WORKS Core or WORKS Approval.

NAVER WORKS Board is where you can share company news and information with other team members. You can encourage active communication by creating boards for various purposes.

Types of Board

Boards are classified into two types: public boards that can be viewed by all members and member boards that only specific members can view according to their access rights. Only the administrator of the company account can create the board. Administrator and Board Manager can set the name, type, authority of the board.

What can we do with Board?

# Post and Comment
You can write high-quality posts by attaching photos, videos, and stickers on your post. We also provide various types of templates for our users. In the comment area, you can '@' mention other members or communicate actively with LINE stickers.

# Mark as must-read post 
Important posts that all members should read can be placed to appear at the top of the board by setting them as must-read posts.

# Read confirmation and send reminder
Post authors can check the list of members who have read or have not read the post. You can encourage the members who haven't read the post yet  by sending them a reminder notification.

# Delete or restore post
You can delete the post you wrote before. Once deleted, the post is relocated to the trash and you can Restore the deleted post if needed.

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