Group Message Room

This feature is available after applying for NAVER WORKS Core.

When Group is created to manage message rooms according to business purposes, the Group Master can manage members and feature settings.

In the Group Message Room, you can use Note, Event, TaskFolder, and mailing list  features.

Create Group Message Room

First, create a group to use a Group Message Room.

Group settings

A Group Master can change the settings of the group, such as whether to allow the use of Note, Event, Task, and Folder.

Manage Group Masters and group members

A Group Master can manage the Group Masters and the group members.

Leave a Group Message Room

Group members cannot leave a Group Message Room on their own. Only the Group Master can add or delete group members.

When a Group Master deletes a group member, the member is removed from the Group Message Room. However, messages and photos shared by the member remain in the Group Message Room.


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