View favorites and recently accessed files or folders

This feature is available after applying for WORKS Drive or the Standard or Standard Plus plan of NAVER WORKS Core.

You can view folders and files that you recently accessed.
New users of Drive will not see folders or files in Favorites or Recent items.
If a file is deleted or its permissions are changed, it will be automatically excluded from the collected list.


View folders you have pinned as Favorites and folders recommended based on frequent use.
You can mark up to 20 folders.

PC Web

View ‘Favorites’ on the bottom left of the screen.

When you hover your mouse over a folder in the Favorites list, recommended folders are indicated by , and folders you've pinned yourself are indicated with .

Drive App

  1. Tap 'Favorites' on the bottom.
  2. View 'Favorites'.


You can gather the files you recently used.

Recently used files are displayed for up to 100 items.

PC Web

  1. Click 'Recent' on the left menu.
  2. View the recently used files in the central list.

Drive App

  1. Tap 'Favorites' on the bottom.
  2. View 'Recent' on the top.
    After selecting a file, swipe left or right to view it. To see the entire list, tap on the right of the 'Recent' title.

Quick Access

You can quickly access frequently used or recently used folders and files on the Quick Access page.


  1. Tap on the left of the Drive screen.
  2. Tap 'Quick Access'.

Remove from Quick Access

You can remove files or folders you no longer need from Quick Access through the 'Remove from Quick Access' menu.


On the mobile app, you can only remove files with 'Remove from Quick Access'. 

  1. Tap  of the file you want to remove from Quick Access.
  2. Tap 'Remove from Quick Access'.
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