Document zoom in/out

In the Document Viewer, you can zoom in or out on the document to the ratio of your choice.

The following is the range for zoom in/out:

  • PC Web: Minimum 50% ~ Maximum 200%
  • Mobile App: Minimum 100% ~ Maximum 200%

Document zoom in/out


Tap  or  on the bottom right of the Document Viewer.

  •  : Zoom in on a document.
  •  : Zoom out on a document.

PC Web

  1. Click the zoom in/out area that has '100%' displayed on the top right of the Document Viewer.
  2. Select the zoom in/out ratio to apply.

Zoom in/out of a document using the mouse wheel

PC Web

  • While pressing the Ctrl key on the keyboard, scroll the mouse wheel up or down to change the zoom in/out ratio of the document.
  • The zoom in/out ratio changes by 25%.
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