The displayed items vary by customer based on the contract terms.
This menu is only available on PC web.

You can check the products of the service you are currently using.

  1. Select 'Purchase & Billing’ to expand the menu and press ‘Usage Status’.
  2. Check the status of the products you are using.

Change products

You can upgrade your plan or apply for additional options.

  1. Press to the right of the product you want to change.
  2. Click 'Convert to Paid Plan'.
  3. Go to the product application page to change your plan or request additional options.

Product renewal settings

You can set contract renewal terms for each product.

The changed renewal terms will take effect from the contract renewal date.

  1. Press to the right of the product you want to renew.
  2. Click 'Renewal Setting'.
  3. Set the terms of the renewal and click 'Save'.
    If you select 'Renew with the same conditions', the agreement will be renewed with the same terms as before.

Cancel product subscription

You can cancel the subscription for all products or specific options.

  1. Press to the right of the product you want to cancel subscription for.
  2. Click 'Cancellation'.
  3. Select the product to cancel the subscription.
    • Base: All products, including the options you are using, will be canceled.
    • Options: Only the selected options will be canceled.
  4. Click 'Cancellation’ on the bottom and double-check the product you want to cancel.
  5. After checking, click 'Cancellation'.
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