Service Overview

This feature is available after applying for WORKS Finance.

In the Expense service, you can check the planning and settlement status of various expenses, and check the usage history of integrated corporate credit cards. You can also check settlement status in the report form and audit transparent operation of expenses. If you set the budget to use, you can view and use budgets when requesting expense settlements.

To use Expense Services, click ‘Admin Menu’ at the top right of the PC Web screen, then click ‘Expense’ in the pop-up window.

  • The Expense service is provided when you are using the WORKS Finance. It can be enabled by clicking ‘Use’ for Expense service under ‘Business Support Settings > Settings > Manage Service Usage’.
  • The Expense menu is only displayed to the users with permissions.
  • The displayed menu differs depending on the features activated in expense settings. For more details about expense settings, see Set Expense.

Expense Admin Scenario

The usage scenario for an Expense admin is as follows.

  1. Basic Settings for Expense Service
    • Expense service preferences
    • Credit card company integration and card management
    • Manage expense items
    • User Guide pages for this step
  2. Check Expense Request Status and Manage Audit Items

Check FAQs first.

Q. I registered and integrated a corporate credit card today. How far back can the credit card usage history be checked?

  • By scraping twice a day in the morning and in the evening, we provided the credit card usage history after the integration has been set. However, to improve the data consistency for cancellations or omissions, additional weekend scraping is performed to collect and provide the data from a month ago.

Q. We want to only use 500,000 KRW per month as the party expense of each department. How can I set this setting?

  • See the following procedures to set. (See Allocate Budget)
    1. Plan budgets to be used by department in the ‘Budget Service > Plan Budget’ menu.
    2. Set each department as the using department in the ‘Budget Service > Allocate Budget’ menu.
    3. Enter 6 million KRW as the allocated amount of each budget that matches the ‘Team Dining’ expense item and select the allocation standard to be Equal Amount/Month.
    4. Select the budget control status as ‘Y’ and save it.

Q. How can I proceed if a message pops up and says there is not enough budget when settling expenses?

  • Select one of the three methods below to handle the issue.
    • If a remaining budget exists from the previous month for the corresponding budget, you can use it by carrying over. In the ‘Budget Service > Allocate Budget’ menu, change the carryover status of the budget to ‘Y’.
    • You can change (increase or decrease) the budget amount or monthly allocation amount when a budget excess or deficit occurs. For more information, see Allocate Budget.
    • If the budget is not controlled, you can use the amount without amount limits, and thus, set the budget control status to ‘N’ in the ‘Budget Service > Allocate Budget’ menu.

Q. Does corporate credit card scraping in Manage Card scrape data from the credit card company's website?

  • Corporate credit card scraping scrapes the data from the website of the corporate credit card company where the corporate credit card is actually registered. Don't confuse this with the bank website or personal credit card website.
  • Also, the certificate, ID, and password for setting up the credit card company integration must be the same as the information registered on the actual corporate credit card website.
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