Service Overview

This feature is available after applying for WORKS Finance.

You can request and manage medium to large scale expenses using expenditure resolution forms. You can quickly identify the expenditure status through the dashboard and reports. The user can view and use budgets when requesting expenditure report and expenditure resolution by integrating with the Budget service. Expenditure slips can be automatically created by integrating with the Approval and Accounting services.

To use HR Services, click ‘Admin Menu’ at the top right of the PC Web screen, then click ‘Expenditure’ in the pop-up window.

  • The Expenditure service is provided when you are using the WORKS Finance. It can be enabled by clicking ‘Use’ for Expenditure service under the ‘Business Support Settings > Settings > Manage Service Usage’ menu.
  • The ‘Expenditure’ menu is only displayed to the users with permissions.

Expenditure Admin Scenario

The usage scenario for an Expenditure admin is as follows.

  1. Expenditure Service Basic Settings
    • Set whether to use budgets, whether to use expenditure reports, and whether to use expenditure report and expenditure resolution details
    • Add, edit, and delete expenditure items
    • User Guide pages for this step
  2. Manage Expenditure

Please Check FAQs.

Q. What is the difference between an expenditure resolution report and an expense settlement form?

  • The difference is the target of payment. The expenditure resolution report is a form mainly used for making payments to vendors when processing the company's expenses. The expense settlement form is a service mainly used for making payments to employees within the company when processing the company's expenses.

Q. When creating an expenditure resolution, a message appears, notifying that the budget is insufficient. Can I add budget?

  • Select one of the three methods below to handle the issue.
    • If a remaining budget exists from the previous month for the corresponding budget, you can use it by carrying over. In the ‘Budget > Allocate Budget’ menu, change the carryover status of the budget to ‘Y’.
    • You can change (increase or decrease) the budget amount or monthly allocation amount when a budget excess or deficit occurs. For more information, see Allocate Budget.
    • If the budget is not controlled, you can use the amount without amount limits, and thus, set the budget control status to ‘N’ in the ‘Budget > Allocate Budget’ menu.

Q. What is the difference between an amount in an expenditure report and an amount in an expenditure resolution report?

  • In the expenditure report, enter the sum of the supply price + VAT. When creating an expenditure resolution report, you can split the supply price and VAT into separate entries.

Q.When I create an expenditure resolution report, it says that ‘It can't be saved because the amount is too high’.

  • If you're referencing an expenditure report document that has already been created, you can't exceed the amount of the expenditure report.
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