Service Overview

This feature is available after applying for the Pledge option.

In the Pledge service, you can manage the status of signatures received from signing subjects in relation to important company rules or promises to be kept. You can also directly create pledge forms appropriate for the purpose.

To use Pledge, click 'Admin Menu' at the top right of the PC web screen, then click 'Pledge' in the pop-up window.

  • You can use the Pledge service by applying for it and setting the Pledge service to 'Use' in 'Business Support Settings > Settings > Manage Service Usage'.
  • The Pledge menu is only displayed to users with pledge admin permissions.

Pledge Admin Scenario

The usage scenario for a pledge admin is as follows.

  1. Basic settings of Pledge service
  2. Sending of pledge and status management
    • Addition and sending of a pledge, and confirmation, editing, and deletion of the pledge sent
    • Confirmation of the pledge status and retrieval of the pledge
    • Guide page for this stage

Please Check the FAQs.

Q. There are pledge forms that our company has been using. Can we also use them in NAVER WORKS?

  • You can't move and use previously used forms as they are, but you can easily create and manage forms using the Create Pledge Forms function. For more information about creating pledge forms, refer to Registering Forms.

Q. How can I request a pledge signature on a specific date?

  • Select Scheduled Delivery when sending the pledge signature to deliver the pledge signature request on the wanted date.

Q. Can I modify and resend a signature request already sent?

  • You can cancel the request for any pledge that has not been signed. Select the pledge to be canceled in the ‘Pledge Status’ menu, and click ‘Retrieve’. You can modify the content of the retrieved pledge and make a new signature request.
  • Signed pledges can't be modified or retrieved.

Q. Can I delete a signed pledge?

  • A signed pledge can't be deleted by the signer and must be deleted by a pledge admin. When a pledge admin deletes a pledge, the admin selects whether to request the consent of the signer. A request for consent to delete is sent to the signer of a pledge that requires consent. The pledge is deleted after the signer consents to the deletion.
    • Signed pledges that have been deleted are recorded in ‘Business Support Settings > Security > Pledge Deletion Status’ and can be downloaded as PDF files.

Q. Can I modify the content of a signed pledge?

  • Since pledges are utilized as important data of the company, you can't modify the content of signed pledges. If the content needs to be modified, modify the content of the pledge and resend the signature request.
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