Sample file guidelines to add organizations in bulk

This feature is available after applying for WORKS Drive, WORKS Approval, or the Lite, Standard, or Standard Plus plan of NAVER WORKS Core.

You can add up to 1000 organizations at once with the 'Bulk Add Teams' menu.

If you want to add multiple organizations at one go, please download the sample file and edit them according to the following.

  • Group name
    • You can enter up to 80 characters for the group name. The following special characters are allowed: ! @ & ( ) – _ + [ ] { } , . /
  • Organization Depth
    • To place an organization in the correct position of the chart, you must enter the parent organization and its sub-organizations in order. Make sure to enter in the order of organizations' Depth, from high to low. An error occurs when the parent organization is left blank or has an invalid name.
    • The organization can only reflect up to 9 Depth, and the exceeded value will not be available on preview and the actual section.
  • Others
    • If cells in the sample file are merged or edited, an error may occur. Please enter the organization name correctly in the format provided and then upload it.
    • If an organization with the same name already exists up to the last Depth, a duplicate error will occur.
    • If the file exceeds 1000 lines, it cannot be uploaded. Make sure to edit up to 1000 lines or less.
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