What is Drive?

This feature is available after applying for WORKS Drive or the Standard or Standard Plus plan of NAVER WORKS Core.

NAVER WORKS Drive is a cloud storage where you can store and share sensitive company data such as files and folders in one place. Keep your workflow going as you can access Drive anytime from anywhere since the feature is available on both PC and mobile.

Types of Drive

Drive is divided into Collaborative Drive for collaborative storage and My Drive for personal storage, allowing for separate management based on usage. Collaborative Drive includes Collaborative Folders, Message Room Folders, and Shared Folders.

What can we do with Drive?

# Upload files
Upload photos, videos, and files from your device to Drive. You can also create folders on Drive and manage files.

# Share files
Designate your team member when sharing files or folders. You can also share files or folders with members via the link. When sharing a file with a link, you can set up a password for the file in advance to protect the data from external threats.

# Search file with the keyword
When you search using a keyword, you can quickly find the file since both the file name and contents will be searched.

# Co-management of files

You can create and edit documents with others in real time, and manage files together by setting reading and writing permissions for each file. You can also check the revision history of the files and folders. And if necessary, you can also restore the file to the specific version. To prevent other members from editing the file, you can lock the file using 'File lock'.

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