Message to me

This feature is available after applying for NAVER WORKS Core.

Message to me is a message room just for you.

You can use it to make a memo, store important files/messages shared in other message rooms, or transfer data between smart phones and computers.

Create Message to me


  1. Tap 'Home' on the bottom.
  2. Tap your name or profile picture.
  3. In your profile, tap 'Chat with Self' to create a Message to me.

    You can also create a Message to me by selecting your contact from 'Choose Members' and then tapping 'Confirm'.

PC Web

  1. Click on the top.
  2. Click 'Message'.
  3. Click 'Create new' on the top left.
  4. Click 'Company Members' and then your profile.
  5. Click 'OK' to create a Message to me.

PC App

  1. Click  on the top left of the screen.
  2. Click your profile photo from the list of members.
  3. Click 'Chat with Self'.

If you have already created a Message to me before, the existing message room will open.

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