This feature is available after applying for the Standard or Standard Plus plan of NAVER WORKS Core.

Set and auto-insert a signature to the bottom of your email.

Create a signature

You can create a signature to use in your emails using a default signature template.


  1. Tap 'Home' on the bottom.
  2. Tap .
  3. Tap 'Set Signature' under 'Mail'.
  4. Turn on 'Use signature'.
  5. Tap 'Edit signature'.
  6. Enter or edit a signature. Tap 'Import a signature' to use the default signature template or the signature you created on the PC.
  7. Tap 'Save' to save changes.

Mobile signatures are saved in each device and are not synced with the PC signatures.

PC Web

  1. Click  on the top.
  2. Click 'Mail'.
  3. Click  on the top right in Mail.
  4. Click 'Quick settings > Signature'.
  5. Click 'Create signature'.
  6. In the Create signature window, enter the name and style of the signature, and check the fields to display in your signature. Then enter or edit the information if necessary.
    • Signature name (Required)
    • Signature style (Required)
      • Common signature: Signature template with style and logo image selected by administrators to suit the company. Members can customize content such as name and department in company templates. May not be displayed depending on the administrator's settings.
      • Personal signature: Signature that each member can customize styles and logo images. Unlike Common signatures, individuals can create and manage their own signatures.
    • Name
    • Department
    • Job title
    • Company address
    • Phone number
    • Mobile phone number
    • Email
    • Messenger
    • Logo image
      • File uploads are limited to 1000px width and 700px height. GIFs must be registered using an image URL.

      • If your image exceeds the size limit, you can resize it directly in the image editor.

      • When uploading files, the image size may be adjusted. If the adjusted size exceeds 500 KB, it cannot be uploaded.
      • Ensure logo images do not contain sensitive information, as they are accessible to everyone.

  7. Click 'Preview' to preview your signature.
  8. Click 'Save'.

You can add up to 5 signatures and enter a maximum of 10,000byte for the signature content.

Signature settings

You can set whether to use the signature when composing new emails, replying to, or forwarding emails.

PC Web

  1. Click  on the top.
  2. Click 'Mail'.
  3. Click  on the top right in Mail.
  4. Click 'Quick settings > Signature'.
  5. From the signature list, select signatures to use as 'New email signature' and 'Reply/forward signature'. If you do not want to use any signature, select 'Do not use'.

The administrator can create a shared signature template so that each member can select the template in Mail Settings and use signatures in a consistent style.

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