This feature is available after applying for the Standard or Standard Plus plan of NAVER WORKS Core.

NAVER WORKS Mail offers a default and a variety of mailboxes to sort and view emails.

The default mailboxes are as follows:

  • Inbox: Inbox stores the emails you have received. However, it does not store the emails moved to My Mailbox or Spam Mail.
  • Sent: This mailbox stores the emails you sent.
  • Temporary: This mailbox stores the emails temporarily saved while writing.
  • Memo box: This is a mailbox for collecting emails written as personal memos.
  • My Mailbox: This is a mailbox you can create. You can manage My Mailbox by creating, editing, and deleting.
  • Spam: This mailbox stores spam emails detected by the NAVER WORKS Anti-Spam system and emails you reported as spam.
  • Trash: This mailbox stores emails you deleted.


Mailboxes other than the default are as follows:

  • All: You can check all emails you have received, except those in Trash and Spam Mail.
  • Tracking: You can check read receipts for emails you have sent and check the scheduled emails. Read receipts may not be available depending on the administrator’s setting.
  • Favorite Contacts: You can view emails sent by members marked as ‘Favorite Contacts’ in Contacts.
  • Unread: You can check emails you have not read.
  • Important: You can check emails that are marked as important.
  • Attach: You can check emails with attachments.
  • Reminder: You can check emails you have set up a reminder.
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