View only the recently uploaded files

This feature is available after applying for WORKS Drive or the Standard or Standard Plus plan of NAVER WORKS Core.

You can check the files uploaded within a month in Drive by categorizing them into 'Today', 'Yesterday', 'Within 7 days', 'Within 1 month'.

Files edited by members other than you are also displayed.

You can also check the files you have updated separately from the recently used files on Quick Access.

View only the recently uploaded files


  1. Tap    in Drive.
  2. Tap 'Recent' and check the list for recently uploaded files.

View recent files when attaching files

You can collect and separately check the recently updated files on the Drive file attachment page when writing a message, post, or email.


  1. Tap or .
  2. Tap 'Drive'.
  3. Tap 'Recent'.
  4. Select the file to attach and tap 'Confirm' to send the file.

PC Web

  1. Click or 'Drive'.
  2. Click 'Recent'.
  3. Select the document or image file to send and click 'OK' to send the file.
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