External Contacts

This feature is available after applying for NAVER WORKS Core or WORKS Approval.

Check the number of registered External Contacts contacts.

You can view by specifying the period, and download an Excel file.

  1. In Admin, select 'Statistics' from the left menu. On mobile, tap  and a menu will appear.
  2. Select 'Contacts' and go to the 'External Contacts' tab.

External Contacts (Real-time)s/Partners contacts status (real-time basis)

You can check the status of your contacts in real-time.

  • In Use: Sum of clients/partners contacts currently registered in Contacts and Trash
  • Available: Number of additional contacts you can register
  • All: Maximum number of clients/partners contacts that can be registered

Usage by external contact type

You can check statistics by type of External Contacts contact registered in Contacts.

The types of External Contacts contacts include 'LINE contacts', 'NAVER WORKS contacts from other companies', and 'General contacts'.

Contacts usage by date

You can check the status of registered contacts by date.

  • All: If you select All, each item is stacked and displayed on the chart.
  • View: Select a specific period or manually enter the period and tap 'View' to check the statistics. You can only view data from the last one year.
  • Download: Tap 'Download' on the top right of the screen to download the contact usage data by date as an Excel file.
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