Create an event

This feature is available after applying for NAVER WORKS Core.

You can create one-time, repeating, and all-day events in NAVER WORKS Calendar. You can also invite other members for collaboration and add memos.


  1. Tap  in Calendar.
  2. Enter the title, time, resource, attendees, and memo for the event.
  3. Tap 'Save' to save the event.

PC Web

  1. Click 'New Event' on the top left of the Calendar.
  2. Enter the title in 'Title'.
  3. Set 'Date & Time'.
  4. Click 'Save'.

You can also check the availability to create the event at the time when the resources and attendees are available.

Event title

Enter the title of an event. If you do not enter a title, the event will be created as 'No title'.

Event time

Select the start and end date and time of the event.

Select as an all-day event

Check the Checkbox of 'All day' if the event lasts all day. All-day events are displayed in each day in My events.

Time zone

You can set the time zone you prefer to create events conveniently. Once you change the time zone and save the event, you will see the event set to your time zone in My calendars.

Create a repeating event

You can set events such as weekly meetings as repeating events.

You can select one of the following cycles: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.


You can search for attendees or select them from the organizational chart to invite to an event.

However, you cannot select LINE or external NAVER WORKS users as attendees.

Also, you cannot invite attendees when creating events in External Group Message Room.

Mark as Required/Optional

For each attendee, you can specify whether the event is required or optional to attend.

Press 'Required' next to an attendee to mark as 'Optional'. Press once more to mark as 'Required'.

Once you designate attendees, the 'Find Available Time' function automatically shows the free time of all the attendees.

You can invite recipients of the email at ease or members of the message room to the event at once.


You can select the calendar to add the events. The default is set as Default Calendar.

For calendars you shared or shared with you, you can add events in the calendar with permission to edit.

Video meeting

On the Create an event page, you can create a link for a video meeting or enter the link shared with you.

For Enter link, all the attendees invited to an event can join the video meeting directly from the event details.

Reserve a resource

You can make a reservation for the resources added by the administrator, such as conference rooms and video conference devices.


  1. In the New Event screen, tap 'Resource'.
  2. Select the resources you want to reserve.
  3. Tap .

PC Web

  1. In the New Event page, click 'Reserve Resource'.
  2. Select the resources you want to reserve.
  3. Click 'Reservation'.

To view frequently used resources, press to open the 'Favorites' tab.


You can enter information on the meeting location.

Attach a map

You can attach a map to add information on the event location.

Depending on your country, you will be asked to consent to the terms of location services if you are attaching a map for the first time after installing the app.

Depending on the device you are using, you must allow access to your location to use this feature.


You can select or search for the attendees you want to invite from the organizational chart.

Required / Optional

You can set whether attending the event is required or optional for each attendee.

Press 'Required' next to the attendee to switch to 'Optional'. Press once more to switch back to 'Required'.

Once you have selected the attendees, you will see the 'Find Available Time' below to let you check the time when the attendees are available.

You can easily invite attendees from a message room by selecting message room members as attendees and sending invitations to the event.

Mark as important

PC Web

Click  on the left of the event subject to mark an event as important.

When you mark an event as important,  is displayed on the event in PC web's My events mode.

The mark is applied to members who share the same calendar. It will not be reflected on attendees of the event.


You can add the details such as meeting agenda in text form.

You can only attach files such as meeting materials on the PC web Calendar.


You can select the calendar to add the event. My calendar is set as default.

You can add events on the calendars that you shared or others shared with you if you have the authority.


You can display events in the color of the selected category.

The categories are only visible in My events and are not applied to the calendars of other attendees.


You can set the time to receive the a reminder for events.

If you click 'Add Reminder', you can have multiple notifications for one event.

The reminders are only sent to the creator of the event, not the attendees.

Reminders will be sent through ‘Service notification’ and ‘Email notification’.

If you set to receive reminders by email, you can respond to the reminder by selecting one among accept/maybe/decline on the email.


You can set your status as busy or free to allow others check your availability when creating an event.

  • Busy: It will show that you have a scheduled event for the selected time.
  • Free: It will show that you are free during the selected time.


You can set whether to disclose the detailed information on the event to others in the Others' events view.

  • Visibility: The event will be visible to the attendees of the event and the members who have permission to view the event details.
  • Private: The event details will only be visible to the attendees of the event and the members who have authority to manage the event.

Save the event

If you have selected the attendees for the event, invitation notifications will be sent to the attendees. If the attendees do not receive the notification for event invitations, check Notifications for event invitations or changes in Settings.

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