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This feature is available after applying for NAVER WORKS Core or WORKS Approval.

The 'Company Members', created by the administrator, contains information on the members according to the company's organizational structure.

Only the administrator can add, edit, delete organizations, and edit member information.

Below is an example of the Company members page on the PC web with short descriptions:

View Company Members

You can find the contact information of the company members added by the administrator. You can also look for specific members by the team or department in the organizational chart.


  1. Tap 'Contacts'.
  2. Tap the 'Company Members' tab on the top to view the members of your company.
  3. Tap the organization name to access the contact information of the upper level or 'TOP' to access the uppermost level of the organization.

PC Web

  1. Click on the top.
  2. Click 'Contacts'.
  3. On the left menu of 'Company Members', click the company name if you want to view all company members, or click the team name to view only the members of a specific team.

PC App

  1. Click  on the top left.
  2. Click 'Organization chart' on the right to search bar.
  3. On the left, click the company name to check all members or the organization name to check the members of a specific team.

Sorting criteria for Company members

The Company members is sorted in the following order: Executive > Team leader > Highest to lowest job title > Highest to lowest job position > Name (A to Z).
The names are sorted in the following order:

Order Type
1 Special characters (!@#$%…)
2 Numbers (12345…)
3 Alphabets (ABCDE…)


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