System requirements

The following is the OS/browser requirements to use NAVER WORKS.

System requirements Best effort
Browser ・Google Chrome latest version

・Microsoft Edge latest version

・Safari latest version

・Firefox latest version

PC ・Windows 10 20H2 or after

・Windows 11

・macOS11.0 or later

・Windows 10 1903 or earlier

(Windows 8.X and earlier versions are not supported)

・macOS 10.15

Mobile ・Android 9.0 or later

・iOS 15 or later (including iPad)

・Android: 7.X

・iOS 13.X (including iPad)

Drive Explorer ・ Windows 10 20H2 or after, Windows 11

Processor : X86 2.5GH or above

Memory :  8 GB or above

Disk format type : NTFS

Minimum capacity : 3 GB

Recommended capacity : 1 TB or above

・macOS 11.0 or later

Disk format type : APFS

Memory : 8GB or above

Minimum capacity : 3 GB

Recommended capacity : 1 TB or above

・Windows 10 1903 or earlier

Some issues with Windows 10 version 1803 may prevent the app from starting. Please install an update provided by Microsoft.

(Windows 8.X and earlier versions are not supported)


・macOS 10.15

* Stable operation is not guaranteed when using the service on an iPod Touch, custom ROM (Linux, Fire OS), or virtual machine (simulator, emulator, etc.).
Also, in the Windows 10 N environment that does not use the media function, please apply the media function pack before using.

System requirements

Refers to the system requirements that support the stable operation of NAVER WORKS services and will be used as the standard for inquiries related.

Best effort

Stable operation is not guaranteed while using a service. For problems caused by not meeting the system requirements, support from the inquiry may be limited.

Not supported

We have not confirmed the stable operation of the services on systems other than those listed in 'System requirements' and 'Best effort support' above. Therefore, systems other than those listed will not be supported.

Support will not be available via inquiries. Also, service access may be restricted for operational reasons.

Precautions when using the app

You are required to update the app if you have skipped the last two major updates.

Also, the OS version described in 'System Requirements' is required to install the latest version.

  • Major update changes the first decimal number of the version. For the minor update, the version service is available and required to update does not change and the second decimal number of the version changes.
  • The above is the basic rule, and the version targeted for mandatory updates may be postponed depending on the status of service management of each major update.
  • This does not apply if an update is necessary for all versions by service operation.


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