Call minimum requirements

This feature is available after applying for NAVER WORKS Core.

To use the call and screen sharing functions without an issue on NAVER WORKS, the following call requirements must be met.

System requirements

OS OS version
Android Android 8.0 or later
iOS iOS 14.0 or later
Windows Windows 10, version 20H2 or later
Mac macOS 11.0 or later

Stable operation is not guaranteed for iPod Touch, custom OS (Linux, Fire OS), and virtual environment (simulator, emulator).
For Windows 10 N environment that does not use the media feature, you can use call and screen sharing functions after installing Media Feature Pack.

Call device requirements

OS Call device Note
Speaker Mic Camera
Android Required Required Required
iOS Required Required Required
Windows Optional Optional Optional Equipment that does not support video calls
- Intel HD 3000 graphics or lower
- Virtual camera environment
Mac Optional Optional Optional

You can start/join a call on the PC without a microphone or speaker device. However, you cannot use the call function properly and can only share screens.
Since the virtual camera environment (ChromaCam, Snap Camera, Iriun, etc.) is not supported on the PC, the video call function may have some issues while in use.

Network requirements

One-to-one calls

Classification WiFi Ethernet 2G 3G 4G 5G
Voice calls (kbps) 26 26 13 20 20 26
Video calls (kbps) 126 426 63 120 120 126

Group calls

Classification WiFi Ethernet 2G 3G 4G 5G
Voice calls (kbps) 26 26 13 20 20 26
Video calls (kbps) 176 476 113 170 170 176

The table above shows the one-way network speed required for a call in a lossless network environment.
When using a VPN environment, call traffic can increase by up to 40% in comparison.

Screen sharing

Setting Minimum Recommended
Default 2 (Mbps) 4 (Mbps)
Optimize for video sharing 1.5 (Mbps) 4 (Mbps)
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