Service Overview

This feature is available after applying for WORKS Approval.

In Approval, the user can create, approve or share documents. Also, the user can set a recipient and send documents. Documents are automatically sorted for easy viewing, and are displayed in individuals document boxes.

To go to 'Approval', click the icon at the top right of the PC web screen, and then click ‘Approval’ in the pop-up window.

User Scenario

The usage scenario for a user is as follows.

  1. Check major information of each approval-related document boxes, and find approval forms
  2. Create, approve and share documents
  3. . Check document boxes

Check FAQs first.

Q. It is difficult to approve documents while on a leave. How can I approve while I'm on a leave?

  • Please set a delegate when creating an absence schedule. (Refer to Create Absence Request Form). During your absence, the approval request is sent to the designated delegate. Even if the document is approved by the delegate, you can view the approval process. With WORKS Mail, you can receive absence notifications, ensuring prompt task handling even when you are absent.

Q. Is the delegate setting canceled if the user I delegate approval to is absent?

  • To ensure that approval admin can determine document progression feasibility, the absence status of the designated delegate is automatically sent to the approval admin.

Q. What is a ‘Report To?’

  • It refers to who receives the report. Reports To (Reports To (person)) is the higher ranking employee who receives business reports. When forming an organization with reporting line between individuals, you can designate a Reports To person for each employee and use this to create an auto approval line. You can designate 2 or more persons as Reports To persons, making it useful in a matrix organization. You can also select an approver that is more suitable for approving the document.

Q. What should I do if I have been designated as a delegate for document approval, but the next approver is not my manager?

  • When you are delegated to approve a document, you are filling in for the person that is absent. Therefore, the next approver is the manager (Reports To) of the absent employee. If the absent employee has two or more Reports To persons, then you must choose one on behalf of the absent employee.

Q. Can I modify a document while approving?

  • Each form can be set so that they are editable. If the admin has set the document as modifiable, then you can modify the document when approving. If you need to modify a document when approving, then the approver can modify the document content before approval, not after. The original creator of the document can't modify a document after saving. If the original creator wants to modify a document, then they must request the approver to decline it or request them to approve after modification. Modified items can be viewed by viewing the document and clicking ‘Information Change History’.

Q. I received an approval request via email. But all the Approval buttons are deactivated. What should I do?

  • The button are deactivated if they have already been processed on PC or mobile, or if the creator has retrieved the document. You can check the processing details by clicking ‘Go to Document’ at the bottom of the email. However, retrieved by the creator can no longer be viewed as they are deleted.

Q. Can I delete a document in Document Box?

  • All created documents are stored and individual users can't delete them. Individual users can only delete documents that have been reported, but not yet approved by the approver. For documents in Document Box, the approval admin can use the hide feature in the Manage Approval Documents menu so that certain documents are not displayed to the user or admin’s page.

Q. Can I modify the content of a completed document?

  • As approval documents are important company information, documents approved by the approver can't be modified. Completed documents are instantly saved as PDFs, ensuring the secure storage of processing results. If you must modify, then you can add shared comments and manage it in document history.
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