Service Overview

This feature is available after applying for WORKS Finance.

In the Sales service, you can register the company's sales standard information and manage trade information such as sales, inventory, orders, etc.

To use Sales service, click 'Sales' in the 'Admin Menu' at the top right of the PC web screen.

  • The Sales service is provided when you are using the WORKS Finance. It can be enabled by clicking ‘Use’ for Sales service under ‘Business Support Settings > Settings > Manage Service Usage’.
  • The Sales service is only displayed to users with Sales admin permissions.
  • The menu displayed differs, depending on the basic settings in the Sales service. Please refer to Settings for more information.

Sales Admin Scenario

The use scenario for the Sales admin is as follows.

  1. Register sales standard information and set permissions
    • Add item group, item information, warehouse information, unit price information, and store information
    • Register and manage sales group information
    • Grant and remove permissions of the Sales service admin
    • Guide page for this stage
  2. Register and manage sales plan
    • Register Sales Plan
    • Search sales plan status and comparison table
    • Guide page for this stage
  3. Manage warehousing/outbound shipment and Inventory
    • Register warehousing and outbound shipments
    • Register inventory movement and review
    • Search current inventory and inventory receipt and payment status
    • Process inventory closings
    • Guide page for this stage
  4. Manage Orders
    • Create quotation and search status
    • Create order form and search status
    • Process order closing
    • Guide page for this stage
  5. Manage Sale
    • Register sale and search status
    • Manage sales history (Confirm sale, Request tax invoice issuance, Submit for accounting)
    • View sales history
    • Guide page for this stage
  6. Sales Service Settings
    • Sales service basic settings and approval settings
    • Guide page for this stage
  7. Manage Business Place Permissions
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