System tray menu

This feature is available after applying for WORKS Drive or the Standard or Standard Plus plan of NAVER WORKS Core.

You can access the system tray menu by right-clicking he NAVER WORKS Drive icon on the taskbar.

From here, you can quickly check the sync status or use the functions related to Drive.

Taskbar icon

You can quickly check the current sync status through the NAVER WORKS Drive Explorer icon on the taskbar.

There are files that failed to sync
Pause synchronization
Sync folder has been changed or deleted
Logged out
Network connection not stable

System tray menu

Below are descriptions of each item in the system tray menu.

Sync status check area

With the NAVER WORKS Drive tray menu, you can access the sync related key information and settings.
There are a total of 5 sync states displayed on the system tray menu:

  • Sync completed: Folders and files in the Sync Folder are up to date.
  • Sync in progress: Folders and files in the Sync Folder are being updated to the latest version.
  • Sync paused: Sync will not take place from on temporarily.
  • Connecting to network: The current network connection is unstable.
  • Sync failed: An error occurred during the sync process.

Tray menu description

The following is a description of the functions available in the tray menu.


Resync the folders and files within the Sync Folder.

Pause syncing

The sync process is paused temporarily. Syncing will not take place temporarily after the completion of syncing currently in progress.

View sync errors

You can check the items with an error that occurred during a syncing process. When the cause of the error is resolved, syncing will resume automatically.

Open Drive Sync Folder

You can go to the Sync Folder path currently set on your PC.

Go to Drive on the PC web

You can access the Drive on the PC web.


Go to the Settings to change sync and notification settings.

Help Center

You can access the Help Center to find frequently asked questions about Drive.


You can log out from NAVER WORKS Drive.


You can exit NAVER WORKS Drive.

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