How to most efficiently manage your tasks

“I want to make sure I don’t forget any deadlines.”
“I want to put someone in charge when sending work requests and leave a history of relevant changes.”
“I want to check tasks in the calendar and manage them together with calendar events.”

Do you often want others to assign tasks to you, request a task to another person, or manage all your tasks within deadlines?
Here are some special tips to help you efficiently manage your tasks using the features of NAVER WORKS!

1. Set a deadline to display in Calendar

When adding a task, set a deadline so you can keep track of it without forgetting.
You can also check tasks with a deadline among your personal events in your calendar and receive a reminder notification the day before or on the due date.

Learn how to set deadlines in Task.


2. Assign someone in charge when requesting work

When you want to request a task to another person, search for the person, or put someone in charge from the organization chart.
When someone is put in charge, notifications will be sent so that person can view the task immediately.

Learn how to designate a person in charge for a task.

3. Check and complete tasks in the task list

You can view your tasks in the task list without having to go through your emails or messenger.
Sort the list ‘By deadline’ to check tasks with upcoming deadlines, and mark them as complete to show share the progress.

Learn how to order and finish a task.


4. View the task history of changes to a task

Changes on task's deadline, details, and person in charge are all recorded in ‘Task history’ section of ‘Task Details’.
Now, you can easily view and confirm changes related to tasks.You can easily keep track of work-related changes without missing them.

Learn how to view the changes made to a task.

So far, we have introduced a feature that makes managing tasks simple but effective.
Work with confidence and accuracy with NAVER WORKS.

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