Use 200% out of NAVER WORKS Message specialized for work

“I accidentally sent the wrong file in a message room.”
“I invited a new member, but it’s a hassle to inform them about past chat histories.”

Everything from basic tasks like messages and file transfer to advanced features that will solve your business troubles.
Here are the tips to get 200% out of NAVER WORKS Message.

1. Check who read your messages

Are you waiting endlessly for a reply because you can't see who read your messages?
Check the read receipt status for each message.
Work on your tasks efficiently by viewing who has read or not read separately.

Read more on how to check the read receipt status for messages.

2. Quickly recall accidental messages

If you notice a typo in your message or sent the wrong file, don’t worry.
You can recall the message and send it again.
However, be aware that you cannot recall a message after a time limit that is set by the administrator!

Learn how to recall messages.

3. Mention a specific member when sending a message

Do you want to send a message to a specific member in a message room with many members?
Try mentioning the member.
Enter ‘@name’ in a message to send a notification to that member, and the name will be emphasized so it’s easier to check.

Learn how to mention a specific member.

4. Reply to a specific message

If you need to reply to a past message, use the reply feature.
This feature will show what your message is replying to, and it serves as a shortcut to the original message, making it easier to understand the conversation.

Learn how to reply to a message.

5. Forward a message to another message room

Use the message forwarding feature to share a message to another message room.
You can deliver the conversation without copying the text or taking a screenshot.
Use ‘Forward by binding’ to conveniently share information like the writer, time, and name of the message room together with the text.

Learn how to forward a message.

6. Share conversation history for a seamless takeover

A new member joined the message room. Do you have to send all the past messages and files all over again?
Skip the hassle!
Reveal past messages for the message room so new members can quickly view the history and files for work.

Learn how to share conversation history.

7. Use reactions to respond quickly

You’re the best That was funny Congratulations ~
React up to speed with reactions that are perfect for your work situation.
Now you can show reactions without sending a sticker or a message.

Learn more about reacting to messages.

NAVER WORKS Message goes beyond everyday life with all the features a business needs.
Communicate 200% more efficiently with Message.

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